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Your go-to destination for embracing natural living, birth, and homesteading. At Pioneer Health Homestead, we offer a wealth of resources to support your journey toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Here, you’ll find in-depth articles on herbalism and remedies, from scratch cooking recipes, and practical gardening tips. We also delve into food preservation techniques, birth education, and postpartum resources.

Our blog provides guidance on baby-wearing and cloth diapering, helping you make informed choices and connect with a community dedicated to natural living. Explore our posts and discover how to enrich your life with holistic practices and self-sufficiency.

Natural living ideas for your family

Wherever you are on your path to natural living, we’re here to support you. Our collection of recipes, educational resources, and practical tips is designed to help you embrace a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. Explore a variety of nourishing recipes and discover how to integrate natural remedies into your daily routine.

Our blog provides valuable insights from a holistic-minded nurse who is passionate about family health and wellness. You’ll find comprehensive resources that cover everything from natural living practices to creative ideas for making positive changes in your life.

With practical advice and tips, we aim to make your journey towards a more self-sufficient and health-conscious lifestyle both enjoyable and manageable. Let us guide and inspire you as you explore the benefits of natural living.

Birth Edicational Resources

Birth is a pivotal experience in our lives, and I am dedicated to empowering women with comprehensive knowledge about the birth process. Our resources aim to provide you with the education needed to make informed decisions and explore the diverse options available today.

Through detailed information and thoughtful guidance, we help you understand the different aspects of birth and the choices that can impact your experience. Our goal is to support you in feeling confident and well-prepared as you approach this significant moment in your life.


Homesteading means different things to different people, depending on individual circumstances and stages in their journey. Even if you’re in an urban setting, starting to homestead can begin with educating yourself and gradually incorporating practices into your life.

In our own homesteading journey, we make the most of our small rural home by focusing on a large garden, food preservation, and homeschooling. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your homesteading practices, our resources and experiences aim to inspire and support you in embracing a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Welcome! I’m Serra!

I am an RN with a love for natural living, birth, and homesteading! I’m a wife and mother to 5 beautiful children living on a small urban homestead in Paradise, CA. I homeschool, cook from scratch, make herbal remedies, grow as much of our food as possible, preserve food, and raise chickens!

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